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Park Rules

Welcome to Blue River Park

Made possible by donations and volunteers!

These rules are designed to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit while you relax and have fun in the Blue River Park. To protect park resources and ensure enjoyable use of the park by all, please follow these rules.

  • Smoke Free Park: Per Lane County Code 6.597, Use of all tobacco products, including vaping, are prohibited in the Park.
  • Smoking or consumption of Marijuana: Per State Code 475B.381 smoking or consumption of Marijuana is prohibited in the park.
  • Fires:  Fires and charcoal use are allowed only in BBQ pits and receptacles. Portable cooking stoves may be used in established picnic areas so long to not cause damage to the Park. Fires must not be left unattended and must be completely extinguished prior to departure. All visitors subject to ODF regulations.
  • Weapons: No person may use any weapon capable of harming persons, wildlife, or property.
  • Hunting, Fishing and Swimming are prohibited.
  • Glass Containers are Prohibited.
  • Destruction of Property: No person may destroy or damage anything contained within the Park, nor remove any item or substance from the Park.
  • Sales: Advertising, soliciting, or selling any goods or services is prohibited within the Park.
  • Parking: All vehicles must be parked in designated areas. There is no driving in the park without written authorization.
  • Garbage and Trash: All trash must be placed in the provided receptacles. Dumping household trash is prohibited. Please consider packing your refuse out with you.
  • Dog and Pets: Pets must be under immediate control and on a leash under six (6) feet in length. Pets are only allowed off leash in approved area. Pet owners are responsible for removing any solid waste produced by the pet.
  • Horses and Riding Animals: Are not allowed in the Park.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Selling alcohol is prohibited. Individuals of legal drinking age may consume alcohol at picnic tables. It is unlawful to serve alcoholic beverages to minors or visibly intoxicated persons.
  • Park Closures: No person may enter or remain in the Park after dark. No overnight camping.
  • Creating a Disturbance: Devices capable of amplifying music or noise are not allowed without a permit. Loud behavior is prohibited.
  • Special Use Permits: Permits may be obtained to allow an activity contrary to or not described by the rules above. Examples include but are not limited to, any event where 30 or more people will attend, drones, and scientific research. 
  • A Special Use Permit Application can be downloaded here. 
All visitors are subject to local, state, and federal laws