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A black and white photo of a misty forest with fallen trees and bare ground.

History of Blue River Park

The Blue River Park was created in 1952 as a result of the generous gift by Fred and Dorothy Behm. Fred was a logger and tree farmer, and the couple had actively supported causes that benefited the local community since moving to the area a decade before.

Since then, improvements and maintenance of the park have been entirely accomplished  by volunteers and sustained by donations, overseen by a local board of directors.

The park became a favourite place for locals and visitors alike, hosting a wide range of events over the years such as Little league baseball, outdoor concerts, “turkey shoots,”  Halloween “trunk-or-treat,” community gardening, and “slab dances.”

On the night of Labor Day, 2020, the Blue River Park, along with most of the surrounding town, was devastated by the Holiday Farm Fire.  As a result, most of the trees had to be cut down, and as it gets ready to reopen in the Fall, 2021, Blue River Park will look very different.